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Who will benefit?

  • all staff & managers

essential skillsEssential Skills

Our Essential Skills e-learning catalogue is specifically designed to deliver key business skills to all members of staff. Whether you're a team member, supervisor, new or aspiring manager, or experienced middle manager, our Essential Skills catalogue provides access to learning resources that help you build on your existing skill set.

With 43 engaging e-learning courses, Essentials Skills covers a range of topics including: Communication Skills; Customer Service; Leadership and Team Development; Literacy Skills; Personal Development; Training and Facilitation Skills; Understanding Budgets and Finance; and Literacy Skills.

Each course lasts around 90 minutes but they are designed to enable learners to 'dip in and dip out' of the programme, and be accessed around users' day‐to‐day responsibilities.

Our Essential Skills e-learning courses are very easy to navigate and offer a high degree of feedback and user interaction, via the use of extensive questions and the useful Check My Understanding feature. The UK audio voiceover keeps the user's attention and enhances the overall learning experience.

Use our Essential Skills e-learning courses to help all staff develop:

  • the skills they need to succeed in a new role;
  • how to manage their time, tasks and responsibilities;
  • how to manage and develop people and relationships;
  • how to manage teams;
  • key management concepts; and
  • key skills to evolve as effective managers.


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